Skinny+ CBD Coconut Oil

Skinny+ CBD Coconut Oil

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Skinny+ gives your body the benefits of Skinny & Co. coconut oil and CBD…combined. The 8.5 oz jar contains 250 mg CBD or 10 mg active CBD per serving of two teaspoons.


Infusing CBD into Skinny & Co. coconut oil combines its therapeutic properties with our coconut oil’s energy-boosting qualities.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Oil

How to Use:

Enjoy in your coffee, tea, or smoothie to experience the benefits of CBD and coconut oil.

Skinny+ CBD-Infused Coconut Oil is a great way to add a side of fun to cooking, too! Substitute your desired amount of Skinny+ for your normal cooking/baking fat or oil.